Dear Honourable Sir and Madam,

As CEO of Halal-Pharma International, it is with great honour that I welcome you to our global family of business and innovation.

I wish to present to you, our Halal-Pharma Certified Halal Products and invite you to take the prosperous opportunity of becoming an official Halal-Pharma Distributor.


With offices worldwide, in South America – Africa – Europe and South East Asia, you will be joining a rapidly growing business, well-established in the global market. Not only are we leaders in the Halal, Vegan and Fair Trade markets but also the only FDA approved Halal product supplier in the world. Our products include soft gels, hard shell capsules, tablets, powder, oral liquid and a range of cosmetics.


It is our mission to bring together experience and innovation to develop a global healthy Halal trade by encouraging communication between communities worldwide. With the greatest sincerity and the spirit of Human brotherhood, we aim to benefit the whole of humankind, irrespective of religion, race or nationality.


Halal products have gained global prominence, with an annual growth of 15% across the APAC region. The Halal cosmetic market is expected to rise $52.9 billion over the next 4 years, and so, joining Halal-Pharma is an extremely rewarding opportunity. Furthermore, 31% of growth is accounted for by non-Muslim consumers. With people’s increased awareness in healthy lifestyle choices, our all natural, organic ingredients and ethical product testing, tap into a promising and expanding market. Following our enormous success in Europe and South America we invite you to join us at this crucial time and become an ambassador for this growing movement across Asia.


As the world is dynamic, so are we at Halal-Pharma. We continue to test and adapt our products to maintain the highest quality and follow the market trend to ensure we remain forerunners in the industry. For example, we manufacture and distribute Moroccan Luxury 100% Pure Premium Argan Oil worldwide. The popularity of this Miracle oil has exploded since people have learnt about its many health benefits. When you join Halal- Pharma you become part of an innovative business that will continue to deliver new and exciting business opportunities to you.


If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. An opportunity to further converse with you about our new strategic alliance together with you would be well received.


Yours very truly,