Argan Seeds

Argan Seeds

Lowers Cholesterol – Lowers blood pressure – Improves endothelial dysfunction


Discover the ancient secret of the Berbers: “The Argan Seed” , the most purest and concentrated way to consume Argan oil.


Traditionally hand-pressed Argan oil, obtained from Argania spinosa seeds, is eaten raw in South-West Morocco. Its rich composition of tocopherols, MUFA and PUFA make a study of its actions on risk factors for Cardiovascular Diseases, such as hypertension, interesting. The effects of 7 weeks of treatment with Argan oil (10 ml/kg) on the blood pressure and endothelial function were investigated.


In the clinical research the systolic blood pressure and heart rate were measured every week. Besides, the endothelial function was assessed by carbachol (10(-8) to 10(-4) M)-induced relaxations of aortic rings and small mesenteric arteries pre-contracted with phenylephrine. Argan-oil administration reduced the mean blood pressure after the fifth week of treatment (P<0.05) and increased (P<0.01) the endothelial responses of arteries.

Argan Seeds

Benefits of Argan


• It moisturises, smooths and revitalises skin, great for all skin types.

• It is non-comedogenic (will not clog pores)

• It can even be used on baby skin to alleviate redness and irritation

• Heals scars left behind by acne, chicken pox or anything similar

• Prevents premature aging (wrinkles)

• Heals blemishes

• Heals sunburn and the pain associated with it

• Heals cracked and scaly skin

• Protects against UVA rays

• Prevents stretch marks (pregnant women)

• Great against dandruff and other fungi

• It is a great antiseptic to clean mild wounds

• Prevents hair loss by strengthening hair roots

• Accelerates hair growth

• Hydrates, moisturizes and strengthens hair

• Controls frizzy hair

• Restores skin and hair elasticity

• Great against acne, psoriasis and neurodermatitis

• Revitalises and strengthens fragile nails